KNS Non-Rotating pin set for AR-15. This is a must have for AR-15′s

Here is another one of my favorite goodies for any AR-15. They are KNS’s new generation 2 anti-rotational pins. What are they and what do they do? These pins from KNS replace the stock pins that hold the Trigger group inside the lower reciever of your AR-15. Every gun owner cleans and oils his guns, or at least should. Everytime you spray oil into your reciever it is going to creep all around into every nook and cranny. One place it gets is in between your lower reciever’s chassis and the two pins that hold your trigger group inside the AR-15. After vibration these two little pins like to rotate and “walk” out of their designated home. This makes your trigger group tilt to one side or the other making your AR-15 unable to fire. Once this happens, you will have to pull apart your upper from your lower and use something to pry and level your trigger group back together so you can push the pins back into place. KNS has this problem solved perfectly! Their Non-Rotating pin set will run you all of 30 bucks. It prevents this from happening by using two anti-rotational links that then are secured to the pins via allen head screws. Their mounting hardware is very low profile so you wont have to worry about it becoming a snag hazard. This is a must have for owning a reliable AR-15. Have a great day, Jim



Ruger 10/22 Hogue Stock .920 barrel

When you search 10/22 stock on any search engine you are overwhelmed with choices. First thing to decide is what you are wanting your rifle to do. You may want to build a 1500 dollar 10/22 for poking one holes in paper at 50 yds, or you just want to drop that pesky blue jay that keeps screeching and running off the nice birds. If you just want to knock out the blue jay, you are fine with the out of the box birch stock. Do you want a little aftermarket feel, added durability, and a little better accuracy? The Hogue over-molded stock is for you. It is beefy and inexpensive. You wont have to worry about dinging up that pretty Ruger birch stock and your groups will be a little tighter. I dont think that the Stock is a huge improvement in accuracy, but it does provide a tighter rifle that fits more snug in your shoulder and against your cheek. So if you arent wanting to drop 200-500 dollars on a stock upgrade and want a practical field rifle and a slightly significant accuracy upgrade, this is the stock for you. Plus, this stock just looks and feels good. Go pick one up and your out all of 75-90 dollars. You’ll thank me. You can find it on Amazon right now for 64 dollars. Right side of page is where I keep the product links to the items I review.

Hogue® Overmolded Rifle Stock Ruger 10 / 22 .920″ Heavy Barrel Channel


Awesome way to make dissasembling and reassembly of Ruger 10/22 much easier.

This guy from TheWorks1022.com came up with a fantastic approach for taking your trigger assembly apart on your Ruger 10/22 . He makes a sub-assembly that re-installs in one piece instead of 7. If you have ever tried to do this piece by piece you will understand how irritating it is not just the first time, but every time you do it. I found this very informational.


Hogue Grip for AR-15 Lower AWESOME!

This was one of my favorite upgrades for my AR-15. It is inexpensive and easy to install on your rifles. Let’s face it, the stock AR-15 grip is pretty “made in china” feeling. All Hogue grips are a tiny bit fatter and give you a tremendous grip over stock. It is made with high quality rubber and doesnt slip with gloves on, gloves off, or in high humidity conditions. This is one my first picks for making your rifle feel not so “out of the box”. Give it a try, see what you think. If anyone else has this grip feel free to share your thoughts. I just think you can’t beat it for 20-25 bucks.

Hogue AR-15/M-16 Rubber Pistol Grip w/Finger Grooves Md: 15000.


GunModRewiew.com is Brand New

Site has only been up 5 days and has been getting some traffic.  The site is Brand Spanking New!  Thanks to everyone who has visited.  I have lots of ideas for the site, but if you would like to see something specific in the future let me know.  Email me jimeilers81@gmail.com .  Thanks and have a great weekend, Jim

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