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Hey, guys.  I’ve added a new section to the site called “Dream Guns”.  I want it to be full of user submitted photos.  Lets limit the content right now to your Weapons, Favorite Gun Accessories, and your Dream Guns.  Since I am newer to this Blog thing, for now send your photos to jimeilers81@gmail.com.  After I review them, I will submit them to the “Dream Gun” section.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Great Video by Discovery Channel

Pretty cool video Discovery Channel did on M-16 vs AK-47 .


AK-47 Modular Forends. What’s your favorite?

One of my first AK-47 builds was a Romanian WASR-10.  I had no idea at the time what the difference between a “stamped” and a “milled” reciever was.   I later found out that the real difference was a WASH.  I now have fired both stamped and milled rifles and truly cannot pick out the difference.  For a new guy coming into the AK-47 game I was excited about all the modifications that could be made.  I also learned after I mounted my UTG quad-rail forend what “co-witnessing” was.  This makes a huge difference when purchasing an optics mount.  Co-witnessing is the alternative when your red-dot’s battery runs out.  In layman’s terms, it means when your red-dot breaks you can still acquire a target and maintain accuracy with your stock Iron sights.  If you are really wanting to make a pracitcal rifle, I recommend going with either a LaRue Tactical mount or an UltiMAK mount.  You are going to spend a few extra dollars, but you are going to get a lighter rifle and be able to Co-witness your sights.  If anyone has any other ideas on this, please feel free to post your set up.  : ) Reviewer

Here is the Forend on my AK-47 in the larger pictures. Its definately not junk. Try it out for yourself.
UTG Tactical 478 AK-47 Quad Rail System


This is for the Gun Nuts! You are welcome here

GunModReview.com  will be dedicated to you folks that love to trick out your guns.  Little or small we will review them all.  Whether it be a simple ring upgrade for your Remington 700 or as complex as adding a new trigger assembly to your Ruger 10/22.  We will cover it all.  Do you have an Ak-47 and want to know what sight mount or compliance parts to get?  Planning on building or buying and AR-15?   Hate your Glock and want to know which concealed carry pistol is for you?  We will get to all of it.  We are looking forward to reviewing the newest and best quality products to mod your firearm.  Hope to see you back to the site soon.

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