Here are 7 of my must have Gun T-Shirts

It’s a crying shame, but we can’t walk around all day carrying our favorite AK 47, AR 15, or Pistol without someone having a bit of a preschool “libby” melt-down. So why not show them what you’re about by wearing it on a shirt. I have my favorites when it comes to Gun and Pro Constitution T-shirts. This isn’t the whole collection, but here are my “7 must have Gun T-shirts”. Enjoy and pick one up for yourself. Just click the T-shirt to purchase.


Awesome Pro 2nd Amendment Shirt


Funny AK 47 Zombie Shirt


Defend Our Great Constitution!


Thanks Seal Team 6


In Glock I Trust Shirt


This would change the MLB Strikes


Socialism = Major Fail


Just a few How To videos on the AK 47

Here is an extremely informative video for the AK 47. This video is not mine, I found it on Youtube and figured it would be helpful to visitors with common questions about the AK 47 assault rifle.

How to Field Strip and Fully Disassemble the AK 47 Assault Rifle

This is the best video I have ever seen on a full disassemble of the Ak 47. It includes how to field strip your AK 47, How to Remove Upper and Lower Hand guards from AK 47, and How to Fully disassemble the AK 47 Fire Control Group. Thank you to Iraqveteran8888 on Youtube. I hope this video answered all if not most of you questions on AK 47 Dis-Assembly.


The Polish P 64 is a reliable and inexpensive concealed carry pistol that packs quite a punch.

Polish-P-64-Concealed-Carry-CCWWhat in the hell is a Polish P 64? It’s not a historic fighter plane, but it is one heck of a bargain when it comes to a sturdy Concealed Carry Pistol. The Polish model P 64 pistol was developed in the late 1950′s as a service pistol for LEO and Military at the time. It fires the 9x18mm Makarov and is often referred to as a Polish Makarov, when in fact they are two different guns completely. If anything the Polish P 64 is more closely related to the German Walther PPK. The gun goes by a variety of names: Polish Makarov, P 64, Radom P 64, or the CZAK. The only drawbacks to the gun are it’s short sight radius, small capacity, and tough double action trigger pull. If you look beyond these shortcomings and figure in the price to firepower ratio, the P 64 starts to look more like a budget Glock. You can get your hands on one of these sturdy little pistols for around 225 bucks. There isn’t a huge aftermarket availabe. The only thing you will really find in the retail world are recoil springs, replacement grip panels, and holsters.

I bought a Polish P 64 on a whim, because I wanted something a little less bulky than the G-23 I was carrying. I got in early on the game and picked one up for 185 dollars on Gunbroker. When I opened the box I was actually impressed with the mechanical feel of the pistol and loved the fixed barrel. I took it to the range with a box of Wolf, Fiocci, and Hornady XTP HPs. After firing the first round I was instantly fond of this cheap little PPK knock-off. Hitting Center Mass or Golden Triangle was not an issue with any of the ammo. Of course the Hornady XTP’s were a faster pop, quicker cycle, and much more accurate. As soon as I got home I started searching for upgrades and accessories for my “new” Polish P 64. I was a little let down, but did manage to find an individual that made custom grips and custom leather. I never actually upgraded the P 64′s recoil spring, but would’ve liked to.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable concealed carry pistol, then the Polish Radom P 64 is a good bet. If you looked at a Walther PPK or a Bersa Thunder and winced at the 300-600 dollar price tag then make sure to check out a P 64. Keep in mind that the 9x18mm Makarov round is superior to the .380. If you are only going to carry 6 rounds, be sure they are hard-hitting and land on target. As an owner of a Polish P 64 and a Walther PPK, I can honestly say the P 64 is a fine replacement. How shiny the gun is only matters when showing it to your buddies, but when it comes to protection I rely on functionality. Below are some links for a few PPK and Makarov holsters that the P 64 fits fine.

Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster for Walther PPK, PPKS
Don Hume Holster Walther PPK Brown Right Hand
Hogue Rubber Grip Handall Jr. Small Size Grip Sleeve
P-64 Blog and Accessories
Custom Wood Polish P 64 Grips


What is the best AK 47 stock configuration?

What is the best AK 47 stock configuration?

This question is best answered by determining your application. There is no real wrong answer, just a load of options when it comes to upgrading your AK 47 with a new stock. I have tried a half dozen or so AK 47 stocks and here are several ideas for you to consider. I didn’t write the book, but I have had a tiny bit of experience. If your application is military or “contractor” then you are obviously looking for light-weight, rugged, and reliable. If all you are doing is building a fun shooter for the range and the back 40, then you are looking for inexpensive and reliable. Here are a few of my favorites based on application.

ACE-AK-47-Receiver-Block-Stock-AdapterFirst on the list are upgrades for the Operators. Typical aftermarket AK 47 stocks are a little less on the rugged and reliable side. The best option for upgrading a stamped receiver AK to an “operator friendly” assault rifle is to upgrade the trunion. On a stamped receiver AK 47 (Romanian WASR 10, etc…) the trunion is the portion of the stock that fits inside of the receiver and screws into place. VLTOR and ACE make a handful of great stock adapters for the AK 47 and variants. By upgrading with an adapter, you allow yourself the use of every one of your favorite AR 15 adjustable stocks. Both companies provide battle proven equipment.

vltor-ak-47-stock-adapterVLTOR makes the “AK47/AKM/AKS Stock Adapter and Extension“. It is designed for a fixed 5-6 position AR 15 stock to mount on your AK 47. Extremely reliable manufacturer. It will run you about 90 bucks.




ACE-AK-47-to-AR-15-stock-adapterACE Ltd makes the “AK Univeral Receiver Block with CAR Stock Adapter“. This adapter allows for an ultra snug and reliable fit. It makes your AK 47 compatible with just about any AR 15 or M 16 after market stock. ACE is an extremely reliable manufacturer of aftermarket parts for Assault Rifles. This adapter will run you around 60 dollars.

By using either of the above listed AK 47 stock adapters, you are able to breath a new “modular” life into your AK 47. You will also be secure in knowing that you are outfitting your Assault Rifle with a reliable stock modification that will stay secure when shit hits the fan. There is a reason a lot of operators in the sandbox are using AK’s and variants in their missions. US trained riflemen are far above the grade, and when you put a snug fitting reliable AK in their hands, they have one hard-hitting machine.

Now for the “weekend warriors” and “paper assassins“. You have several options when choosing a fairly reliable and inexpensive stock upgrade for your AK 47. The list goes on: Tapco, UTG, MAKO, etc… For the weekend warrior just wanting to build a fun AK 47 to shoot, these manufacturers are just fine. I don’t recommend taking any of them to the battlefield, but I assume you will gather that once seeing the price tags.

cheap-tapco-ak-47-folding-stockFirst up is my personal favorite budget AK 47 stock. The standard side folding stock by Tapco. It is available in Black, Desert, and OD Green. This little gem is priced at around $35.00 dollars and is worth every penny. Mounts up in no time and stays secure for the life of the gun. It’s super light-weight, reliable, and has a foolproof folding mechanism. Make sure to check one out for yourself. TAPCO Folding AK 47 Stock







Next is the Timbersmith Unfinished Wood AK 47 stock set. I believe Timbersmith is a venture of TAPCO. If you like the feel of a wood stock or just want to customize a wood stock set, this is where Timbersmith has you covered. The kit comes complete with upper and lower forends, pistol grip, and stock. You are able to custom finish this birch wood set in any color or stain configuration imaginable. Also, they are made in the U.S.A., so they count as 3 compliance parts. The whole set will only set you back 110 dollars. Take a look here, Timbersmith AK 47 Stock Set



MAKO is a newer company that just started making a really cool stock for the AK 47. It’s the Tactical Folding Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek piece. This thing is neat and won’t burn a hole in your wallet for what it is. The stock weighs in at around 1 lb and is extremely versatile for a small price tag of 120 bucks. This is an ambidextrous folder for the AK, meaning it can fold to the left or the right. It also has an adjustable cheek riser if you are using aftermarket optics, or if you just like a high cheek weld. I believe this particular stock is MAKO’s way of showing they are ready to compete with the big boys. It is composed of a Mil-Spec Polymer and features a super snug rubber butt pad. It is intended for use with the Stamped Receiver. Make sure to give this one a look before purchasing a folder for your AK 47. MAKO Tactical Folding Buttstock

If you have a favorite AK 47 stock configuration please feel free to comment. All insight is greatly appreciated. – Jim, GunModReview.com


What is the best Pistol for Concealed Carry?


Polish P 64 9x18mm Makarov

One of the most common questions I am asked by my peers is, “What is the best pistol for concealed carry?” There is only one really wrong answer and that’s when a guy tells you, Oh! Oh! You have to have a Glock, Smith and Wesson, etc… I am not a salesman or representative for any Firearm Company, so I am going to give you the honest truth and how to weigh your options.


The ever famous first question – I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I want a reliable pistol for my CCW, what should I get?

Second – My friend told me only to get a Glock, because that’s what he shoots and most Law Enforcement.

Third – I found a Hi-Point for 215 bucks down at the pawn shop and it’s brand new, what do you think?

Throw everything the salesman at the Retail Chain Sporting Good store told you out the window. (These guys usually get incentives for selling new products, just like a Doctor pushing the newest prescription drug) Here is how to choose a reliable Concealed Carry Weapon.

1. Figure out a budget for your pistol. You don’t want to skimp, because in most cases, you get what you pay for. If you can’t afford 300-400 dollars off the bat, please just wait and save up a few extra bucks. Don’t buy that hunk of junk “gold teeth gangster” Hi-Point. Also remember, you don’t have to have a “Glock” to have a reliable self defense pistol. Glock is a great gun, but not the end all be all.

2. Don’t buy some 2000 dollar STI IPSC Race pistol or HK USP Tactical. These guns are made for a specific application, and it is not Concealed Carry. You need to find a gun that is comfortable to carry with a smooth profile. You don’t want a big bulky gun with sharp edges that makes it difficult to draw. This isn’t a game of showing your friends how fancy your new piece is. This is about real life and scumbags trying to harm or kill you or your family.

3. Determine a caliber that you can accurately shoot, afford to practice, and is still enough to drop the bad guy. You don’t have to carry a full profile 1911 in .45, but you also don’t want to be trying to drop an assailant using bb’s. I personally carry 9mm. It’s cheap to shoot/practice, it’s a time tested round that is available by almost every firearm manufacturer, and it will keep the bad guy from getting too close.

4. Lastly, the only way your CCW permit is worth a damn, is if you actually carry your pistol. So you will want to find a weapon that has a comfortable profile and weight. Carry your pistol, or it won’t save your life!

5. Another thing to consider is buying “used”. Some guys will buy a gun and may not suit them the way they thought it did and they will let it go for quite a bit cheaper. New guns are great, but not a necessary expense.

6. Be sure to read up on Local and State statues regarding Concealed Carry and Self Defense. Here are a couple links to keep you legal and up to date: Wikipedia Gun Law by State , NRA Gun Law by State

Here are a few good inexpensive CCW options.

-Ruger SP 101 $350-400 used/ $450 new
-Kahr Arms multiple models $350-500 used/ $400+ new
-Keltec PF 11 9mm $300 new
-Smith & Wesson 6906 9mm $450 used/ $700+ new
-Polish P64 9x18mm Makarov $250-350 used (Polish surplus pistol, never had an FTF with mine)

When you save up some money and want a real nice one, then go for a Glock, CZ, or H&K. These are just my opinions and are open for any discussion. Please feel free to add your 2 cents.

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