Great Video on Glock Generation 4 differences

I am posting this as a follow up to the earlier post I did that highlighted the differences and additions to the Glock Generation 4 over previous Glock models.  This is a series of videos I found on YouTube.  They are long and fairly boring, but they explain with good close up shots of every comparison and change with the Glock Generation 4.  Enjoy Glock Lovers!

Great Glock Generation 4 Vids


My favorite Close Quarters Sight for the AR 15 by Paul Howe

Paul Howe is the owner and head instructor for CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) in Nacogdoches, TX. Paul has over 30 years experience in the field of Combat and Tactical applications. He has served in numerous military operations and Special Law Enforcement agencies. This man wrote the book on tons of tactical procedures that are used by several of us today. When I saw that he developed a Close Quarters Combat rear sight aperture for the AR-15, I had to try it out. Not only did he develop this sight, but a handful of other real world use sights for rifles and pistols. The site is called the CSAT Rear Sight, pretty simple name with a pretty simple approach. There is a reason why a pistol’s rear site has such a large cut out. A pistol is used for one purpose and that is to acquire close up bad guys within 7-25 meters. Paul took that same approach when developing the CSAT Rear Sight for the AR 15. What he did was allow you to keep both long and short range rings, but added a pistol style notch to the top of the long range ring. Now you can quickly engage targets within that 7-25 meter kill zone without having to re position your sight’s aperture and better yet, not having to take your cheek off your rifle or your finger off the trigger. Let’s face it, leave the long shots to the guy looking through the glass. You can still use the long range ring (200 plus meters) , but in real world situations for SWAT and other LEO angencies there is no point in taking pot shots too far past that. The CSAT Rear Sight is a replacement insert for your factory installed sight. There is no reason to replace the whole set-up. Many kuddos go out to Paul Howe from CSAT for developing such a simple, yet perfect solution to CQC with a rifle. Check it out for yourself… New 22-2300-A-0009 Csat Sight Ar15/M Popular High Quality Practical Modern Design


Wondering whats different about the 4th Generation Glock? A Ton!

When Glock developed the 4th Generation they kept what has always made them famous, but also went after a whole new market.  Glock held true to everything that makes them one of the best pistols on the market, for example:  Their “Safe Action” System, extremely durable polymer, the cold hammer forged barrel, field tested reliability, and all in a light weight pistol.

A handful of shooters have always been a little bummed that they could never really adjust the size and shape of the grip profile.  The Generation 4 Glock now has removable and replaceable back-straps for the grip.  What they did by utilizing a multiple back- strap system is now it allows for the user to be able to adjust the trigger reach to their liking.

The second thing Glock installed on the Generation 4 is the extended and reversible magazine release. Extending the magazine release allows the user to have quicker and more reliable access to the magazine release. Any Law Enforcement Officer or Military Operator understands how important the ability to quickly change a magazine is. Glock also made the Generation 4′s mag release reversible. The shooter can now change which side the mag release is operated from without any hardware adjustments.

The third adjustment to the Glock Generation 4 is the texture of the grip. They have now made the stippling on the grip more aggressive and durable. Personally I never felt that the grip of a Glock was very slippery, but now you can bet your money that you won’t be losing grip. I imagine that the addition of this feature will also allow for more quick and precise holster draws.

Glock also added a recess and two extra notches to the magazine frame in order for it to function properly with all types of existing mag releases. Glock has also changed to a dual recoil spring assembly which will allow for less recoil and extended life of the pistol. Lastly they have added more options when it comes to sight configurations and trigger assemblies. Go check out a new Glock Gen4 today! Glock’s Website


If you are building an FN FAL or an L1A1, here are a few great additions.

Here’s a small back story “snippit” for all you folks that aren’t so familiar with the gun you just purchased. The FN-FAL AKA “Fusil Automatique Léger” was introduced by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal in 1947. The weapon has had a few redesigns by other countries, but all in all has maintained the initial build components. The FAL has been used by armed forces on every continent except for Antarctica, and even then, who knows. The Belgians at FN have produced some mighty fine firearms for over 50 years. Critics from countries A-Z I’m sure would happily agree. A lot of them might even be unsure as to the outcome of their counties had they not been equipped with an FAL or L1A1. The FAL fires the heavy hitting 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Now for the kick ass modifications and accessories…

A great addition to the FAL is a replacement for the dustcover to allow for an optics mounting platform. Since the weapon has the ability to be extremely accurate (Sub M.O.A.) don’t take quality mounts for granted. There are several companies who offer mounting solutions for the FAL, but one of my favorites is the A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Standard Mount. This mount is made to the absolute highest standards of Mil-Spec quality. Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, INC is what the Acronym is short for. Sounds pretty unassuming to me. These guys have hundreds of thousands of products being used currently by our military. They are good, believe me = ). Check it out here A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Mount – Standard

Another cheap, but highly effective modification to the FN FAL or L1A1 is the addition of a recoil buffer. Many of my reader will know I am a huge fan of these for the 10/22, Glock, and AK-47. According to physics the mechanics in the gun should be moving backwards at the same speed the bullet is going down the barrel. Of course you have to calculate for levers, springs, and other resistances… you get my point. When the bolt of your rifle is slamming backward at excessive speeds is creates a lot of friction on guide rods, recoil rods, springs, the back of the receiver, etc. A sure fix to add longevity to any weapon is being able to cushion these effects. Not only will adding a recoil buffer add service length, but is also calms recoil which adds to better scores down range. Buffer Technologies makes great Recoil Buffers for many weapons. It’s a 15 dollar part that can save you upwards of 1500 depending on your gun. Make sure to pick up a few of them for your range bag. You can see more about them here Buffer Technologies Fn/fal Recoil Buffer

Last, but not least is the addition of a high quality stock. Adding the top two accessories with a finely tuned and comfortable stock will have you breaching dead bolts at 300 meters, well as long as you and your ammo are up to the task. One of my favorite inexpensive accessory manufacturers is MAGPUL Industries. Will the quality and attention to detail they put into their products versus what they sell for, I don’t know how they make any money. The MAGPUL PRS-2 Precision Adjustable Sniper Stock is the bees knees of FAL and L1A1 Stocks. This thing has Comb Height/Cheek Rest and Length of Pull Adjustments. They stock is made of highly reinforced polymer and comes in at only 3 pounds. This is basically a drop in installation and features a very high strength sling attachment point. Get one for you FAL or L1A1 and you can leave your feed back on the page. Magpul Industries Precesion Rifle/Sniper Stock Stock Black Fully Adjustable FAL MAG341-BLK


Here are a few nice tactical 1911 grips.

Pachmayr makes a high quality grip for the 1911 an at inexpensive price. It mounts with usual mounting screws and  it wraps around the front of the magazine well with finger grooves. You definitely won’t be losing your grip with these.  Nice piece! For more information click here Pachmayr Grip Signature Black w/Finger Grooves Gripper Colt 1911 5008

Many Readers know that Hogue Grips are a favorite of mine. Hogue makes a super durable grip for the 1911. I don’t know what rubber formula they use, but you could dip them in tranny fluid and still maintain a tight hold. Hogue grips are extremely resilient to all forms of abuse. They mount directly in place of stock 1911 grip panels using original screws. Click here for more product information Hogue Automatic Pistol Stocks Grip for Govt Colt 1911 #45000

Another Nice Grip is the  Colt 1911 Improved Diamond Grips.  These are similar in size and shape of stock grips and mount with original hardware.  They add a little more grip improvement.  These are a great replacement grip for 1911 shooters who like the original grip profile and design. Colt® 1911 Improved Panel Double Diamond Grip

For a sure grip for a 1911 I recommend the Sand Paper style grip.  Some people refer to it as a sandstone texture or sandpaper texture grip.  Usually they are no larger than the original 1911 grips, but add tremendous gripping ability and a very snagfree profile.  1911woodgrips.com used to make them, but it looks like their site may be down currently.

On a budget 1911 operator/competition grips.  Mako makes a Double Diamond checkered grip that has a “jet funnel” built on to the grips.  This allow for quicker magazine changes and a real tactical feel.  I’m not a big fan of Mako’s AK-47 and other rifle accessories when it comes to siting platforms, but so far their grips have served their purpose just fine and they are CHEAP!  Check it out

Mako Polymer 1911 Grips with Incorporated Magazine Well Funnel

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