Hey gang! It’s the simple things. AK-47 Bolt hold-open from Horn’s Custom Rifles.

One of the most epic failures of the AK-47 is a very simple one. There is no Bolt Hold-open device for after firing last shot or when holding open bolt to inspect or clean the rifle. Chris Horn from Horn’s Custom Rifles in Flagstaff, AZ has got us all covered. This lack of a bolt hold-open on the AK-47 has got to be one of those forehead scratching moments for all of us. Apparently Chris Horn was able to stand back, remove the veil, and see clearly how easy this problem’s resolve was. The solution he came up with was to cut out a little notch in the Fire Selector (safe/fire) arm. That way when you fully pull back the bolt, you can then move the selector arm upward and the notch locks it in place! Look at the pictures and check out how simple this is. This is a modification I highly recommend to any AK-47 owner! Not only does this make a safer weapon, but it also makes a more functional weapon. If you do this to your AK-47, I can without a doubt say, You will impress your friend. This is a modification that may even get you more dates.


This is the Best AK-47, AR-15, or FAL Flash Suppressor !

For a long time now my favorite flash hider for an AK-47, AR-15, or FAL has been the vortex style suppressor. I’m not sure exactly what it is about the design. It almost looks too simple. For some reason or another, the vortex style flash suppressor dissipates the hot gasses from your barrel faster than the rest. With the angular cuts from this suppressor, the gas exits the muzzle in the same manner it is traveling through the barrel. This allows it to quickly dissipate gasses without disrupting the spin of the bullet. Keeping that in mind, this is also going to give you better accuracy. This is an awesome accessory for any rifle! The Vortex Flash Suppressor made my Smith Enterprise is machined from the same stock AR-15 Bolts are made from. It is an extremely durable item.
UPDATE since original post:
Advanced-Armament-AAC-Blackout-Flash-Suppressor-AK-47Advanced-Armament-Blackout-Flash-Suppressor-AR-15I have been turned onto a new Flash Suppressor made for the AR 15 and AK 47 families. It is the AAC Blackout by Advanced Armament Corp. They make one of the best new flash suppressors on the market for your AR 15, AK 47, or 7.62 Nato variants. This thing has a TINY flash signature even through Infrared. You are going to pay about 25-35 dollars depending on rifle, but I think it is money well spent. Check it out HERE!



Awesome Charging Handle Upgrade for AR-15

Your charging handle is a key element in building a tactical AR-15 or M-16. Upgrading the charging handle from stock Mil-spec also creates a more reliable weapon. The engineers at Bravo Company have got you covered with their new AR-15/M16 BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle. They have made the handle oversized so when you are pulling it back it is a smoother and more even pull. It also keeps the pin that holds the release latch in place from taking on extra wear. It is machined from Billet Aluminum to withstand heavy operational loads. You can order the Gun Fighter Charging Handle in two sizes, medium and large. If you are an operator that wears gloves often, I highly recommend the large. If you are just wanting to build a smooth and reliable range gun for use without gloves go with the medium. This is an upgrade for your AR-15 or M-16 that you will be extremely happy with. Check it out here for more info. New Bravo Company 5.56MM/223 Mod 4 Medium Latch Black Charging Handle GFH556M3 High Quality Popular


Dimension E520 Power supply takes the fail boat like a High Point 9mm

New rocketfish PSU

Sorry for the lack of posts the passed couple of days gang. My main machine went down on me. After a day of researching Google on my phone, I found out it was probably the power supply. I went to my local geek squad and bought a new PSU. After 80 bucks and 15 minutes for removal and replacement, we are going again. Now if taking down a 1911 was that easy lol. I’ll be posting soon. Thanks for visiting and have a great day, Jim


Tapco AK-47 Folding Stock

Let me say this right off the bat, I know this isn’t the nicest or most expensive AK-47 stock available. When I build a gun, like most folks, I am on a BUDGET! There are a few reason why I chose this stock for my AK-47. It is very light weight, it’s inexpensive, it has a slim profile when closed, it’s a very simple design, and its tough as nails! I looked at all kinds of stocks before I purchased the Tapco Folding stock. I looked into getting a new trunion and mounting up a fancy Ace side folder. Then I realized the money I would be in it for and decided to try out a Tapco. You can buy them practically anywhere and it is super simple to install. I have dropped my AK-47 and let it bang around on the floorboard of my truck, never felt loose. Let me know what you think. What’s your opinion? Check it out for yourself.

Tapco AK Black Folding Stock Md: STK06150B .

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