Awesome Charging Handle Upgrade for AR-15

Your charging handle is a key element in building a tactical AR-15 or M-16. Upgrading the charging handle from stock Mil-spec also creates a more reliable weapon. The engineers at Bravo Company have got you covered with their new AR-15/M16 BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle. They have made the handle oversized so when you are pulling it back it is a smoother and more even pull. It also keeps the pin that holds the release latch in place from taking on extra wear. It is machined from Billet Aluminum to withstand heavy operational loads. You can order the Gun Fighter Charging Handle in two sizes, medium and large. If you are an operator that wears gloves often, I highly recommend the large. If you are just wanting to build a smooth and reliable range gun for use without gloves go with the medium. This is an upgrade for your AR-15 or M-16 that you will be extremely happy with. Check it out here for more info. New Bravo Company 5.56MM/223 Mod 4 Medium Latch Black Charging Handle GFH556M3 High Quality Popular