Must have Folding Sights for AR 15 and M-4. Troy Industries win and here is why!

AR 15 Troy Industries Folding Battle SightAR 15 Troy Industries Folding Battle SightAR 15 Troy Industries Folding Battle SightIf you are in the market for reliable and easy to install accessories for you AR 15, I’ve got a winner for you. I have ran a handful of Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) on my AR 15′s. PRI, A.R.M.S., and Troy have always been industry leaders in my opinion. It’s not because they are the cheapest or the most heavily marketed, they are made to be 100% reliable, durable, and retain zero. Troy Industries Folding Battle sights are made to flip up with no assistance and to flip down by depressing a small button on the side of the sight. They are held in place by two 1000 pound force detent balls. These sights are not folding down unless you tell them to. These sights are proven over and over again to retain actual zero and also made to co-witness through electronic optics. This means, if your batteries fail or your EOTech just stops working, you can still have an accurate sight picture. They have several options available as well. You can get an HK style front sight, you can also order sights that are imbedded with tritium as well.
Troy Industries Front and Rear Micro BattleSight Combo – Black
Troy Industries Micro HK Style Front and Rear Folding Battle Sight

Let’s review why these are a must have:

- co-witness
- 100 percent retention of zero
- hard coat anodized and impregnated with teflon
- will not flip down
- operator proven