AK-47 Modular Forends. What’s your favorite?

One of my first AK-47 builds was a Romanian WASR-10.  I had no idea at the time what the difference between a “stamped” and a “milled” reciever was.   I later found out that the real difference was a WASH.  I now have fired both stamped and milled rifles and truly cannot pick out the difference.  For a new guy coming into the AK-47 game I was excited about all the modifications that could be made.  I also learned after I mounted my UTG quad-rail forend what “co-witnessing” was.  This makes a huge difference when purchasing an optics mount.  Co-witnessing is the alternative when your red-dot’s battery runs out.  In layman’s terms, it means when your red-dot breaks you can still acquire a target and maintain accuracy with your stock Iron sights.  If you are really wanting to make a pracitcal rifle, I recommend going with either a LaRue Tactical mount or an UltiMAK mount.  You are going to spend a few extra dollars, but you are going to get a lighter rifle and be able to Co-witness your sights.  If anyone has any other ideas on this, please feel free to post your set up.  : ) Reviewer

Here is the Forend on my AK-47 in the larger pictures. Its definately not junk. Try it out for yourself.
UTG Tactical 478 AK-47 Quad Rail System