2 Great New Ruger 10/22 Accessories

Ruger-BX-25-Magazine-ReviewWhile charging through Cyber Space this morning, with Bayonet clenched between teeth and the Romy at my side, I found two great new upgrades for the Ruger 10/22.  I try to save my visitors money and disappointment by weeding out all the BS and Craptastic overpriced junk gun accessories.  Now you can save the money you’ve been wasting on 15 dollar 25 and 30 round magazines that don’t feed and don’t load properly.  Ruger has finally answered our cries for help.  We all know that if you want a reliably feeding 10/22 magazine, nothing compares to the stock rotary style 10/22 mag.  Ruger has released the new BX-25, 25 round magazine.  It features steel feed lips, not the junk plastic ones everyone else has.  It also has the feed angle at the crucial 30 degrees in which they intended the rounds to cycle into the action.  The BX-25 also comes apart with only 2 screws to make cleaning and rebuilding easy.  It also has an anti-cant follower and constant force spring.  The new BX-25 is the best 10/22 magazine on the market and feeds like buzzards on road kill.  Make sure to pick up a couple and never look back at the old smoky clear plastic junk-mags. Get yours here BX-25 10/22 25RD MAGAZINE

My second great find of the day is a reasonably priced drop-in trigger assembly from Hornet Customs. Ask an enthusiast of the Ruger 10/22 what is the best drop in trigger and they will tell you Volquartzen. I agree, it is an amazing product, but it’s just not affordable for the average guy wanting to build a fun and reliable 10/22. So I saved you the time of reading review after review of Volquartzen’s 300 dollar piece and found Hornet Customs. The Trigger I sprang for is the Hornet Custom BRTR. Here are the advantages in Hornet Custom’s own words “The Hornet Trigger Guard Assembly includes these special replacement parts:

Hand polished and honed Hammer for a light, smooth, trigger release
Lightweight Trigger Return Spring and Custom Radius Trigger Return Plunger polished for smoothness
Hornet Custom Sear and Disconnector honed for minimal positive engagement consistent with safety.
Automatic Bolt Release eliminating two-hand operation – just pull back and release
New Ruger Red Extended Magazine Release – push forward and the magazine easily drops away – no more convoluted pinching to operate the release.
All parts are fitted, lubricated, and tested.
Since 2001, more than 4,000 satisfied trigger sales, plus an eBay feedback rating of 8,772 and 100% satisfaction as of 9/23/09. eBay seller ID: hornet224″

Now read about the Volquartzen and it’s virtually the same enhancements. They are a great company that adheres to product quality, reliability, and function. Get your Hornet Custom’s BRTR here:  Hornet Custom “BRTR” Trigger Assembly for Ruger 10/22

Jesse Smart says:
December 14, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Inquiry for price and availability of the drop in trigger assembly. Im very interested.thank you.

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