Here are a few nice tactical 1911 grips.

Pachmayr makes a high quality grip for the 1911 an at inexpensive price. It mounts with usual mounting screws and  it wraps around the front of the magazine well with finger grooves. You definitely won’t be losing your grip with these.  Nice piece! For more information click here Pachmayr Grip Signature Black w/Finger Grooves Gripper Colt 1911 5008

Many Readers know that Hogue Grips are a favorite of mine. Hogue makes a super durable grip for the 1911. I don’t know what rubber formula they use, but you could dip them in tranny fluid and still maintain a tight hold. Hogue grips are extremely resilient to all forms of abuse. They mount directly in place of stock 1911 grip panels using original screws. Click here for more product information Hogue Automatic Pistol Stocks Grip for Govt Colt 1911 #45000

Another Nice Grip is the  Colt 1911 Improved Diamond Grips.  These are similar in size and shape of stock grips and mount with original hardware.  They add a little more grip improvement.  These are a great replacement grip for 1911 shooters who like the original grip profile and design. Colt® 1911 Improved Panel Double Diamond Grip

For a sure grip for a 1911 I recommend the Sand Paper style grip.  Some people refer to it as a sandstone texture or sandpaper texture grip.  Usually they are no larger than the original 1911 grips, but add tremendous gripping ability and a very snagfree profile. used to make them, but it looks like their site may be down currently.

On a budget 1911 operator/competition grips.  Mako makes a Double Diamond checkered grip that has a “jet funnel” built on to the grips.  This allow for quicker magazine changes and a real tactical feel.  I’m not a big fan of Mako’s AK-47 and other rifle accessories when it comes to siting platforms, but so far their grips have served their purpose just fine and they are CHEAP!  Check it out

Mako Polymer 1911 Grips with Incorporated Magazine Well Funnel


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