Here are 7 of my must have Gun T-Shirts

It’s a crying shame, but we can’t walk around all day carrying our favorite AK 47, AR 15, or Pistol without someone having a bit of a preschool “libby” melt-down. So why not show them what you’re about by wearing it on a shirt. I have my favorites when it comes to Gun and Pro Constitution T-shirts. This isn’t the whole collection, but here are my “7 must have Gun T-shirts”. Enjoy and pick one up for yourself. Just click the T-shirt to purchase.


Awesome Pro 2nd Amendment Shirt


Funny AK 47 Zombie Shirt


Defend Our Great Constitution!


Thanks Seal Team 6


In Glock I Trust Shirt


This would change the MLB Strikes


Socialism = Major Fail

Mark says:
December 12, 2013 at 4:41 pmHi, I am interested in some of your shirts but the pics lead to Amazon saying that the page doesn’t exist. Perhaps I am supposed to order via your website? Please let me know. I am interested in the MLB shirt and the ‘Resist Socialism’ shirt.


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