My favorite Close Quarters Sight for the AR 15 by Paul Howe

Paul Howe is the owner and head instructor for CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) in Nacogdoches, TX. Paul has over 30 years experience in the field of Combat and Tactical applications. He has served in numerous military operations and Special Law Enforcement agencies. This man wrote the book on tons of tactical procedures that are used by several of us today. When I saw that he developed a Close Quarters Combat rear sight aperture for the AR-15, I had to try it out. Not only did he develop this sight, but a handful of other real world use sights for rifles and pistols. The site is called the CSAT Rear Sight, pretty simple name with a pretty simple approach. There is a reason why a pistol’s rear site has such a large cut out. A pistol is used for one purpose and that is to acquire close up bad guys within 7-25 meters. Paul took that same approach when developing the CSAT Rear Sight for the AR 15. What he did was allow you to keep both long and short range rings, but added a pistol style notch to the top of the long range ring. Now you can quickly engage targets within that 7-25 meter kill zone without having to re position your sight’s aperture and better yet, not having to take your cheek off your rifle or your finger off the trigger. Let’s face it, leave the long shots to the guy looking through the glass. You can still use the long range ring (200 plus meters) , but in real world situations for SWAT and other LEO angencies there is no point in taking pot shots too far past that. The CSAT Rear Sight is a replacement insert for your factory installed sight. There is no reason to replace the whole set-up. Many kuddos go out to Paul Howe from CSAT for developing such a simple, yet perfect solution to CQC with a rifle. Check it out for yourself…

New 22-2300-A-0009 Csat Sight Ar15/M Popular High Quality Practical Modern Design


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