Hogue Grip for AR-15 Lower AWESOME!

This was one of my favorite upgrades for my AR-15. It is inexpensive and easy to install on your rifles. Let’s face it, the stock AR-15 grip is pretty “made in china” feeling. All Hogue grips are a tiny bit fatter and give you a tremendous grip over stock. It is made with high quality rubber and doesnt slip with gloves on, gloves off, or in high humidity conditions. This is one my first picks for making your rifle feel not so “out of the box”. Give it a try, see what you think. If anyone else has this grip feel free to share your thoughts. I just think you can’t beat it for 20-25 bucks.

Hogue AR-15/M-16 Rubber Pistol Grip w/Finger Grooves Md: 15000.


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