New Midwest Industries AK Handguard and a couple other New AK-47 Accessories

Midwest Industries and US Palms teamed up and made one hell of a new Hand guard/forend for the AK-47. It is one of the most quality built AK-47 for ends I have seen. It allows for co-witnessing with most holographic and red dot optics. I think what was neat is how they counter sunk the mounting platform lower into the Hand guard’s top cover. Not only did that allow for fantastic co-witness of BUIS, but it also creates a more snag free solution and I would imagine allows for a little more protection value. Both Midwest Industries and US Palms are well known in the operator world for make extremely reliable AK-47 and AR15 accessories. MI AK Optics Hand-guard

Another cool thing that US Palms has come out with is their AKBG AK-47 Battle Grip. This is a very well made AK-47 grip constructed from the same revolutionary polymers that Tango Down uses. This grip has a water tight storage compartment for storing your “oh shit” goodies and parts. It also features a nice “hard sand” textured grip. Grip at US PALMS

Both of these accessories also have fair price-points. Be sure to check out both pieces, you can thank me later.


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