Review of Battlecomp AKBC AK 47 Compensator: The Battlecomp AKBC is one of the best new AK 47 Accessories

After combing around gun boards and the rest of the internet, I was able to find one of the best new accessories for the AK 47. I have reviewed and owned several AK 47 flash hiders and compensators: Vortex Flash Hider by Smith, J-tac, bird cage, krink style, AAC Blackout, etc… My favorite up until now has been the Vortex style by Smith. After reviewing the new Battlecomp AKBC by Battlecomp and Rifle Dynamics, I now have a new favorite. It is the priciest of the bunch, but extremely worthwhile. This compensator dissipates the blast shock-wave in several directions. By allowing fast dispersion of energy perpendicularly from the muzzle, you lower felt recoil and barrel rise. The sound-wave is also stifled greatly due to the multi-directional ports. If you are a serious shooter or just an AK 47 enthusiast, make sure to treat yourself to this little darling. You will probably send me a Christmas card = )

Check out the Battlecomp AKBC here

Here are a few tech-specs from Battlecomp website:

“The AKBC is threaded 14×1 LH, for 7.62×39 caliber. Specifically designed for the AK-47 enthusiast. Made of 17-4 PH bar stock stainless steel and pre-notched for the 12 o’clock pin. Spring washers included. Available in black oxide only.”


Great promo video by Battlecomp

{ Video }

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