These are the Best Glock Modifications in my Opinion. Feel free to comment.

Glock is a superbly simple handgun. You can tell this just by the amount of parts. How many parts are in a Glock you ask, about 32-37 depending on the model. There is little needed to improve upon such a great pistol, but all of us are obviously “gun tweakers” so here goes nothing!
One of the first items to improve on with the Glock is the trigger. Being that it is a “striker” design, there is no hammer. This creates a longer trigger pull. There aren’t a whole lot of ways to improve on the length of the Glock’s trigger pull, but there are ways to improve the weight and smoothness. A lot of people will shun me for crying “LoneWolf”, but really they make fine aftermarket equipment for Glocks. Not everyone can afford luxury and shiny, some of us just want a functional carry piece and are not looking to shoot in ISSF or USPSA. Lone Wolf makes a fine Spring kit for Glocks as well as a perfectly fine Trigger Connector at 3.5 pounds. This will lighten and improve the over-all feel for your Glock’s Long Trigger Pull. “Ghost” also makes a superb trigger connector. GHOST 3.5 lb. Standard Trigger Control Connector for Glocks. “TRIGGER”
Another favorite addition of mine to the Glock are the Sites. The best Glock sites in my opinion and several other’s are the MeproLight Glock Tru-Dots! These will run you around a hundred bucks, but if you are carrying for protection they are a must. These are some bright little darlins. One of the most important things when defending yourself with a pistol is being the first to be able to accurately fire while Pie’ing. If you get into a gun fight the last thing you want to do with a pistol is sit in one spot. If you are un-familiar with tactics be sure to take a course. It is important to be able to shoot while cutting an angle on your target i.e. Pie’ing your aggressor. “Slicing” or “Cutting” the Pie is a fundamental tactic taught to all Special Forces and S.W.A.T. teams. Meprolight Green Front/Orange Rear Tru-Dot Fixed Sights For Gloc
Last but not least are serrations in the slide of the pistol. This is over looked by many modern day hand gun builders. There are many advantages to a serrated slide. One of the best advantages to a serrated Glock slide is that most people get sweat palms the instant adrenaline races. You most definitely want to be the first guy with a round in the pipe. Serrations also make it much easer to “cock” your pistol while wearing gloves. Against popular belief, a serrated slide does not make a difference in snag factor when drawing your firearm. Purchasing a serrated slide is one of the more expensive mods, but will also do a hell of a lot of good when engaged in a fire-fight. First to shoot is the last to die in most cases. A few companies that make the serrated slide are Caspian, Lone Wolf, and Robar. These are all reliable manufacturers.
Glock-Extended-Magazine-Release-GhostGHOST makes a nice extended magazine release for the Glock Pistol. It will only run you around 20.00 bucks and is a great functional upgrade for your Glock. It works with all models except for: 20/21/29/20 & 36
GHOST Extended Magazine Release for Glocks. “X MAG”.




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