3 Sweet New AR-15 products by Geissele, Tango Down, and Rainier Arms.

Check out these great new AR-15 products for 2013.

New-Geissele-SSA-E-Trigger-ReviewGeissele Automatics has come out with a “one upped” version of their Super Semi-Automatic trigger.  They now offer the Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced trigger or SSA-E.  This version has  improved on the pull and break, over their previous model.  The SSA-E is a great choice for longer range shots and it still feels sturdy enough for quick repeated shots.  The first stage breaks smooth at 2.3 lbs and the second stage breaks at 1.2 lbs, it is literally like snapping a piece of angel hair pasta.  For you long distance guys the trigger still has enough tooth that you are aware when you break the first stage, then after that you can keep them in the 10 ring.  The lock time is also decreased 40% over stock AR-15 triggers.  This allows for faster follow up shots and more accuracy.  The Geissele SSA-E’s lock-up points are also completely free of any machine marks, they used a cutting technique that leaves a mirror polish to eliminate any sketchy feeling between sear engagements.  Overall my review of the Geissele SSA-E trigger has found no weak point.  This is a much more affordable AR-15 trigger upgrade compared to their competition.  Check it out here and read other reviews.  Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger



The second product I grew fond of this year is the Rainier Arms RAPTOR Ambidextrous Charging Handle. This thing is just great! I now prefer this over my old favorite, the Bravo Company BCM Gunfigther. They are both made from virtually the same material and are both extremely reliable. Here is why the RAPTOR Charging Handle is my new favorite. First off, it’s the profile. The Rainier Arms Raptor has a smaller profile and is designed to not snag on your gear or clothing. Don’t let the smaller profile deter you, it is just as easily accessible. The Second reason it’s superior to the BCM Gunfighter, is that it’s AMBIDEXTROUS!!! You lefties and three gun guys will love this charging handle. Whether you’re having to charge it off-hand or you are just a damn lefty, you will find it to be a very fluid motion. Both finger grooves will actuate the pull back of the charging handle, and you can easily sweep it with your palm. Lastly, I really felt that the Rainier Arms Raptor was one of the smoothest pulling charging handles I have ever operated. They must have the machine work and coating figured out, because this baby is slick. It’s going to run you around 80-90 bucks and is great way to improve the function of your AR-15. Check them out here RAINIER ARMS RAPTOR AMBIDEXTROUS CHARGING HANDLE

New-AR-15-Tango-Down-BattlegripThe last of these great new AR-15 products is a quick one. From the likes of Tango Down, you know it’s done right. Their products are preferred by civilians, operators, and LEO all the same. Good price points and reliable products. Their new TangoDown Battlegrip is as great as the rest of their line. The Tango Down Battle Grip should fit any AR-15, M-4, M-16, or any weapon converted to accept AR-15 style grips. They added a storage compartment for extra batteries or bubble gum. The grip is very aggressive with a 60 grit sand paper like texture. This allows for a very positive hold of your weapon, even when you are just watching post. The new Tango Down Battle Grip will only set you back around 40 dollars. Get your’s here TangoDown BATTLEGRIP


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