A.R.M.S. #41-B Front Sight Review. For all you A-2 lovers

ARMS-#41-B-A2-Front-Sight-FoldingThe history of the M-16 goes as far back as a lot of your grandpas in Vietnam. Something that many people don’t realize is why the front sight was fitted on the rifle with a angled mount. The purpose of the angled rear bar is to keep the design more snag-free. This would keep the operator from getting the front sight post hung up on gear, brush, and other operational hazards. Pretty ingenious design if you ask me. This is one of the few reasons many Military and L.E.O. prefer to leave the front A2 sight post the way it is. Well for all you guys that prefer Function and Form, Atlantic Research Marketing Systems Inc (A.R.M.S.) has got your back. They took the Function of the angled A2 front sight and fit it with the Form of a folding apparatus. At first glance it appears to look like a standard A2 sight, but when you see it at work you are awestruck. The gang at A.R.M.S. is committed to absolute excellence and attention to detail. The new #41-B Silhouette is a dream come true, and a must have component for operators wanting the A2 Front Sight and also the ability to fold it out of the way for running optics platforms. There is even an optional bayonet lug to keep it true to form. Make sure to check it out and pick one up for yourself if it suites your needs. Two thumbs up from GunModReview.com

A.R.M.S. “SILHOUETTE” #41-B Folding Front Sight


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