Hey gang! It’s the simple things. AK-47 Bolt hold-open from Horn’s Custom Rifles.

One of the most epic failures of the AK-47 is a very simple one. There is no Bolt Hold-open device for after firing last shot or when holding open bolt to inspect or clean the rifle. Chris Horn from Horn’s Custom Rifles in Flagstaff, AZ has got us all covered. This lack of a bolt hold-open on the AK-47 has got to be one of those forehead scratching moments for all of us. Apparently Chris Horn was able to stand back, remove the veil, and see clearly how easy this problem’s resolve was. The solution he came up with was to cut out a little notch in the Fire Selector (safe/fire) arm. That way when you fully pull back the bolt, you can then move the selector arm upward and the notch locks it in place! Look at the pictures and check out how simple this is. This is a modification I highly recommend to any AK-47 owner! Not only does this make a safer weapon, but it also makes a more functional weapon. If you do this to your AK-47, I can without a doubt say, You will impress your friend. This is a modification that may even get you more dates.

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