KNS Non-Rotating pin set for AR-15. This is a must have for AR-15′s

Here is another one of my favorite goodies for any AR-15. They are KNS’s new generation 2 anti-rotational pins. What are they and what do they do? These pins from KNS replace the stock pins that hold the Trigger group inside the lower reciever of your AR-15. Every gun owner cleans and oils his guns, or at least should. Everytime you spray oil into your reciever it is going to creep all around into every nook and cranny. One place it gets is in between your lower reciever’s chassis and the two pins that hold your trigger group inside the AR-15. After vibration these two little pins like to rotate and “walk” out of their designated home. This makes your trigger group tilt to one side or the other making your AR-15 unable to fire. Once this happens, you will have to pull apart your upper from your lower and use something to pry and level your trigger group back together so you can push the pins back into place. KNS has this problem solved perfectly! Their Non-Rotating pin set will run you all of 30 bucks. It prevents this from happening by using two anti-rotational links that then are secured to the pins via allen head screws. Their mounting hardware is very low profile so you wont have to worry about it becoming a snag hazard. This is a must have for owning a reliable AR-15. Have a great day, Jim



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