Great little tool for taking down your 1911 handgun


I was browsing some cool stuff on Amazon this morning and ran into a handy little tool. It’s a Leatherman style pocket knife/pliers combo that is designed to take down your 1911 pistol. Anyone that owns a 1911 knows they are finicky little pistols when it comes to stripping down. The plyer nose of the tool features a bushing wrench and wire cutter. It also has a mainspring housing punch, file, and 5 double sided screwdriver bits. The extras are a bottle opener, can opener, and half serrated blade. I imagine that the bottle opener is good for opening a cold beer to celebrate a proper break down and deep clean of your 1911. Anyway gang, check this thing out. It is made by Remington so you know the quality is there.

Remington 1911 Multi Tool (Black)



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